Why Getting a Jointer is a Great Idea

Written on October 16, 2017   By   in Tips & Ideas

Your woodworking tools won’t be complete without a jointer, which is a stationary power tool incorporated with cutting blades. Invented to make pieces of equipment flat and smooth, this tool helps wood be in a perfect shape for your woodworking projects, like wood coverings for your speakers in the music studio or cabinets for your beloved guitars. With a jointer, any woodworking project can be accomplished.


I’m Yellin’ Timber!

We all know that raw lumber has coarse and uneven surfaces, which is why we must get the best jointer for the money to make them flawlessly flat and smooth. After all, you can’t work well with imperfect wood. A jointer prepares wood surfaces and edges so that you can join them to make a joint. That’s why it’s called a jointer.


The jointer is the first tool that will encounter raw lumber, which is why it’s important to position it close to the lumber rack to avoid the need to carry heavy wood across the workspace. It can be placed directly below an overhead wood shelving or rack in some cases. Remember that several feet of clearance on one end of the jointer is needed since large pieces of wood will be passed over it.


Joint Together with the Band

All jointers are equipped with a protective guard and an adjustable fence. These safety features are included to keep the user’s hand far from the dangerous cutterhead—the cutting blades. The blades’ heights are altered with wheels mounted on the end-feed table. Most jointers have wheels that raise or lower the blade by 1/64-inch every rotation.


When using one, make sure you use the push pads to keep your hands clear of the cutter head.


If you want to know how to use a jointer, watch this informative video we found on YouTube. Happy jointing!