What’s Behind My Guitar Shaped Swimming Pool?

Written on February 5, 2017   By   in Tuning guitar


Are you a guitar hobbyist and a fantastic swimmer? Well, this could be a fantastic combination. Would it be swimming while playing the guitar? Or how about twanging the guitar while swimming? This is funny really.

There is a lot of fun in the swimming pool. Spending summertime heat in the pool will be a great time with family and friends. Your incredible poolside spaces bring entertainment. What are more inviting are your uniquely-designed pool and its spectacular cleanliness. Make your guitar-shaped pool more melodious by making it more glimmering using an automatic pool cleaner. Check our website at http://poolparrot.com/best-automatic-pool-cleaner-guide/. The best pool cleaner will create fantastic swimming experiences in your best-designed swimming pool.

Are you into music? You can best design your backyard swimming pool according to your interests, hobbies, and preferences. You would love diving into it knowing that it hits what you really need.

Having a guitar pool is surrealistic. It’s not only an attraction at home but also the best watery space for relaxation. Oh well, you can actually play the guitar as you relax in your attractive poolside. It’s a fantastic realization of what makes you happy.

Guitar swimming pools are now a trend in different places around the world. As many people are into music, their outdoor life and recreation are also influenced by their music fancies. Did you know that first guitar-inspired watery oasis was installed at the home of bodacious music singer Webb Pierce at the Oakville, Tennessee? Built in the 1960’s, the guitar-shaped swimming pool was a great attraction. In fact, Webb Pierce offered his guitar pool as a tourist attraction which really amazed over 30,000 tourists on a weekly basis. This is amazing!  Pierce Webb really found inspiration of his guitar shaped swimming pool and he made another guitar pool in 1978 in Nashville.


Are you inspired? Now, you can visualize your swimming pool and give the best design for your spectacular dream pool. You would like to dip in a pool that is best designed. Your guitar-shaped swimming pool is really an incredible feature in your backyard. It’s a perfect place at home. It creates the amazing splash!