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Enjoying Perfect Melody in the Icy Nights

Written on April 27, 2017   By   in Tuning guitar

To enjoy or not to enjoy the winter season is definitely of your own making. It’s your choice. If you choose to be unhappy then so be it. But if you are optimistic enough, I know you won’t dwell in depression and you will give yourself a fantastic break.  First and foremost, make it sure that your central heating system works out well and you make yourself better in the winter by purchasing the best heater for the bathroom.  Having a bathroom heater in your shower area will help you overcome the extreme cold while having a refreshing bath.  It will make you hum your fave tune while taking a shower.

Speaking of humming your favorite melody while taking a bath, let’s carry out this idea to make the most of the icy nights. It’s a way of expressing your great winter sentiments and a way of releasing all your doubts and anxieties. The relaxing effect of music is embedded into your senses making you more comfortable while it’s bitterly cold outside.

Listen to the Winter

Music speaks of grand messages of emotions. Pick your music according to what your heart desires. Enjoy the beat and feel the rhythm. You might as well listen to winter themed music and experience the realm of the winter season.  It’s up to you what to include in your winter playlist. As the evening progresses, prepare your heartwarming couch and get in touch with the great rhythm created by Vashti Bunyan’s  Winter is Blue.

If you want to make the most of your bathroom heater, you can as well tune up to wonderful songs while you take a dip in your hot tub. Experiencing the warm temperature offered by your bathroom heater will be made more exceptional as you listen to the melodious music “Hazy Shade of Winter”  by The Bangles.

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Strum the Winter

If there is a valuable musician in you and guitar is your favorite, you can take part of Ariana Grande’s “Winter Things” Guitar Chords.  To interest, you more, try other versions of winter chords by Joshua Radin. Or take the idea of strumming for the holidays.  Play on acoustic guitar the melodious “Winter Wonderland” and have a fantastic display of your guitar skills in front of your loved ones. Master your strumming skills and let the perfect tune sets in the chilly air of the cold lonely nights.  Using either finger-style or plectrum it’s the perfect way of enjoying the perfect melody in the icy nights.