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Why Getting a Jointer is a Great Idea

Your woodworking tools won’t be complete without a jointer, which is a stationary power tool incorporated with cutting blades. Invented to make pieces of equipment flat and smooth, this tool helps wood be in a perfect shape for your woodworking projects, like wood coverings for your speakers in the music studio or cabinets for your beloved guitars. With a jointer, any woodworking project can be accomplished.


I’m Yellin’ Timber!

We all know that raw lumber has coarse and uneven surfaces, which is why we must get the best jointer for the money to make them flawlessly flat and smooth. After all, you can’t work well with imperfect wood. A jointer prepares wood surfaces and edges so that you can join them to make a joint. That’s why it’s called a jointer.


The jointer is the first tool that will encounter raw lumber, which is why it’s important to position it close to the lumber rack to avoid the need to carry heavy wood across the workspace. It can be placed directly below an overhead wood shelving or rack in some cases. Remember that several feet of clearance on one end of the jointer is needed since large pieces of wood will be passed over it.


Joint Together with the Band

All jointers are equipped with a protective guard and an adjustable fence. These safety features are included to keep the user’s hand far from the dangerous cutterhead—the cutting blades. The blades’ heights are altered with wheels mounted on the end-feed table. Most jointers have wheels that raise or lower the blade by 1/64-inch every rotation.


When using one, make sure you use the push pads to keep your hands clear of the cutter head.


If you want to know how to use a jointer, watch this informative video we found on YouTube. Happy jointing!

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6 Things That Will Make You Want to Visit Vienna Now

Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn 2016

If you are thinking of visiting a place with a rich musical heritage, you will find plenty of destinations to choose from. But classical music lover or not now is always the best time to visit Vienna Austria. And here are just some of the top reasons why:

1. Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Joseph Haydn, Johann Strauss Jr., Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Vienna Boys’ Choir, and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are just some of the world-renowned names associated with Vienna which is widely considered as the European capital of classical music. Follow the footsteps of these musical legends and take a music-themed tour around the city.

2. Take a self-guided walking tour to admire the beautiful architecture and visit some of the picturesque villages and charming streets in and near the city.

3. Visit museums and art galleries to see some of the artworks, cultural artifacts, and other legacies that provide a glimpse to the richness of Austria’s art, music, and culture.

4. Experience the Viennese coffee house culture. Order a cup of coffee at one of the many coffee houses in the city some of which date back to hundreds of years. Sample some of the delicious sweets like cakes and pastries from one of the bakeries. Try not to miss out on having a slice of Sacher Torte while in the city.

5. Take a stroll at Stadtpark and enjoy the music-themed landmarks and attractions including the statue of Johann Strauss and the busts of some of Austria’s musical legends. And if you are lucky, you can catch a live music performance at the park.

6. See more of the city on two wheels. Cycle along Vienna’s many bike paths and get mesmerized by the scenery.

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Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play Guitar

Learning to play a musical instrument can be intimidating at first. Yes, learning one can take time. But being able to play can make the most of your life interesting.
Learning one can be difficult especially for beginners, but that’s just normal! You’ll get used to it after lots of practice and time. Have you played guitar before? If not, then you should start now. We’ll show you why! Let’s proceed and go ahead!

Can be Easily Played

Have you watched a live band before? Notice how the guitarist shred and make flashy moves on his guitar?
Well, playing guitar isn’t just about speed! A guitar can be played by only using basic chords. Although it might take you some time to get used to the chords and the positioning of the fingers, that’s fine, you’re still progressing!

A Great Seducer 

Do you find guitarists attractive? Well, that’s the musical power of guitar! Playing guitar attracts people easily. What more if you can sing while playing guitar? That’s a perfect crowd killer unless you have a bad voice! This is maybe the reason why you’re planning to learn to play guitar now!
You can be the leader of the sugar free buttered popcorn jelly belly band and still score some girls if you have the guitar shredding ability!

Gain New Friends 

You’re more likely to have friends who have the same passion as you. If you meet new people that play guitar just as you, you’ll feel more connected and open to them. Because you have the same interests, communicating and sharing thoughts and ideas with them will be easier and entertaining.

Helps You Relax

You might find it frustrating especially when it is your first time playing the guitar. But once you played a chord correctly and continuously, you’ll find it relaxing!
Don’t give up and continue learning. Make sure to practice harder once you understand the basics! The guitar has a very soothing sound especially when played smoothly.
Do you have any other reason why you should play guitar? In case I missed one, don’t hesitate to share it with us! Don’t be intimidated by other guitar players or the guitar itself. Start now to find out how can a guitar can change your life positively!

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