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Finding The Right Kind Of Guitar


Empowered, that’s what the right kind of guitar can make you feel.

So, how can one find the right kind of guitar?

Here are some tips for you:

Know what kind of guitar you’d really love to have.

While most people think choosing a shiny guitar from the rack is enough, it’s not always the case. Every musician and aspiring musician should know what kind of instrument they’d really love to have. In the case of finding the right kind of guitar, you should know if you’re going for an acoustic-type or an electric-type. This will not just motivate you to learn more about using it, but also inspire you to harness your chosen specialty – and ultimately, help you become a great musician.

Choose one that fits you.

And by fit, it means choosing one that fits you enough for your arms and legs to use it properly. This especially goes for children aspiring to be guitarists. Having a large guitar will make it hard for them to play, not being able to reach over the guitar’s front all that well. The right kind of guitar is one that fits you and how your arms and legs adapt when playing it. Typically, it must be on shoulder level and has a well-curved side.

Examine its structure.

The right kind of guitar is one that you’ll be best friends with for a very long time. Hence, it should be made from the right kind of wood, as well as the right kind of structure. Ideally, its wood should come from flame maple (for acoustic guitars), mahogany (for guitars like a Les Paul), or basswood (for guitars like an RG8). Its structure must also be robust enough to bear any kind of conditions such as playing hard for a long time or getting wet from a sudden rainfall.

Finding the right kind of guitar is not that hard. All you need to do is know what kind of guitar you’d really love to have, choose one that fits you, and examine its structure.

And if you still can’t find the right kind of guitar, here’s a bonus tip:

Make the right kind of guitar for yourself, just like how this East Peoria musician makes his own instruments.

All you need is the right kind of wood and materials and Healthy Handyman tools and equipment.

Do you know any other tips when finding the right kind of guitar? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play Guitar

Learning to play a musical instrument can be intimidating at first. Yes, learning one can take time. But being able to play can make the most of your life interesting.
Learning one can be difficult especially for beginners, but that’s just normal! You’ll get used to it after lots of practice and time. Have you played guitar before? If not, then you should start now. We’ll show you why! Let’s proceed and go ahead!

Can be Easily Played

Kirk Hammett

Yes. Pretty Basic What This Guy Does. I Wish!

Have you watched a live band before? Notice how the guitarist shred and make flashy moves on his guitar?
Well, playing guitar isn’t just about speed! A guitar can be played by only using basic chords. Although it might take you some time to get used to the chords and the positioning of the fingers, that’s fine, you’re still progressing!

A Great Seducer 

Do you find guitarists attractive? Well, that’s the musical power of guitar! Playing guitar attracts people easily. What more if you can sing while playing guitar? That’s a perfect crowd killer unless you have a bad voice! This is maybe the reason why you’re planning to learn to play guitar now!
You can be the leader of the sugar free buttered popcorn jelly belly band and still score some girls if you have the guitar shredding ability!

Gain New Friends 

You’re more likely to have friends who have the same passion as you. If you meet new people that play guitar just as you, you’ll feel more connected and open to them. Because you have the same interests, communicating and sharing thoughts and ideas with them will be easier and entertaining.

Helps You Relax

You might find it frustrating especially when it is your first time playing the guitar. But once you played a chord correctly and continuously, you’ll find it relaxing!
Don’t give up and continue learning. Make sure to practice harder once you understand the basics! The guitar has a very soothing sound especially when played smoothly.
Do you have any other reason why you should play guitar? In case I missed one, don’t hesitate to share it with us! Don’t be intimidated by other guitar players or the guitar itself. Start now to find out how can a guitar can change your life positively!

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Enjoying Perfect Melody in the Icy Nights

To enjoy or not to enjoy the winter season is definitely of your own making. It’s your choice. If you choose to be unhappy then so be it. But if you are optimistic enough, I know you won’t dwell in depression and you will give yourself a fantastic break.  First and foremost, make it sure that your central heating system works out well and you make yourself better in the winter by purchasing the best heater for the bathroom.  Having a bathroom heater in your shower area will help you overcome the extreme cold while having a refreshing bath.  It will make you hum your fave tune while taking a shower.

Speaking of humming your favorite melody while taking a bath, let’s carry out this idea to make the most of the icy nights. It’s a way of expressing your great winter sentiments and a way of releasing all your doubts and anxieties. The relaxing effect of music is embedded into your senses making you more comfortable while it’s bitterly cold outside.

Listen to the Winter

Music speaks of grand messages of emotions. Pick your music according to what your heart desires. Enjoy the beat and feel the rhythm. You might as well listen to winter themed music and experience the realm of the winter season.  It’s up to you what to include in your winter playlist. As the evening progresses, prepare your heartwarming couch and get in touch with the great rhythm created by Vashti Bunyan’s  Winter is Blue.

If you want to make the most of your bathroom heater, you can as well tune up to wonderful songs while you take a dip in your hot tub. Experiencing the warm temperature offered by your bathroom heater will be made more exceptional as you listen to the melodious music “Hazy Shade of Winter”  by The Bangles.

activities in the winter

Strum the Winter

If there is a valuable musician in you and guitar is your favorite, you can take part of Ariana Grande’s “Winter Things” Guitar Chords.  To interest, you more, try other versions of winter chords by Joshua Radin. Or take the idea of strumming for the holidays.  Play on acoustic guitar the melodious “Winter Wonderland” and have a fantastic display of your guitar skills in front of your loved ones. Master your strumming skills and let the perfect tune sets in the chilly air of the cold lonely nights.  Using either finger-style or plectrum it’s the perfect way of enjoying the perfect melody in the icy nights.

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Enjoying my Relaxing Smoothies Everyday

Are you preparing your smoothies yourself? Smoothies are delicious drinks loaded with healthy fruits and vegetables. Once done correctly, they can provide your body with essential nutrients when you feel like not eating your fruits and veggies. It gives you the chance of drinking your garden to give you recommended servings of nutritious plant foods. To highly enjoy your smoothies, juicing enthusiasts suggested to make it yourself.

Enjoy to Whip Up

The soothing and calming effects of sipping your deliciously prepared smoothies on a daily basis are just like listening to your favorite music on a bad day.   Enjoying your refreshing drinks makes you forget your worries and woes. Your glasses of smoothies just make you feel better as they are full packed with health-boosting nutrients. Now,  as you get interested in blending your fruits and veggies your simple way, you should consider buying your own personal blender to enjoy this healthy act in the kitchen.  It is the best place for personal blenders.  Your kitchen is the sole witness of how you are mixing your favorite fruits and green smoothies which are great hits to your taste.

Fantastic Sip

Smoothies are easy to sip on the go. Making your own smoothies will give you the best opportunity to select the best fruits and veggies that have an awesome impact on your health. Buying readymade blended beverages in grocery stores may supply your body with saturated fats and a ridiculous amount of sugar which are not good for your health. If you own your personal blender, why not make your own healthy smoothies? According to Dr. Wendy Bazilian, a food enthusiast and author of New York Times bestseller SuperfoodsRX , that the perfect mix of healthy ingredients in your homemade smoothies offer an amazing bang for the buck and the perfect integration of nutrition, fitness, and wellness have a big impact on your health goals.

juicing ideas

Sipping your healthy smoothies on the go make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. To whip up your healthy drink after a hardworking day will make you get recharged and relaxed. Enjoying your thick and dense smoothies will erase the day’s anxiousness and discomforts.  Drink your smoothies in your clean deck with your family have a fine talk over your glasses of healthy drinks. It gives you a healthy start for a new blissful day. It keeps you motivated to make your best.

Choose the Right Blender


If you are newbie to blending fruits and veggies, it is always necessary to choose the right blender for your needs. Your personal choice of a blender will complement your juicing fancies and will make you enjoy creating your smoothies everyday. Your perfect drink is absolutely amazing for your health since it is loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants.  It boosts your energy and will give you a good time.  These are the reasons why you should get obsessed with your smoothies. You just can’t go on a day without it.

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What’s Behind My Guitar Shaped Swimming Pool?


Are you a guitar hobbyist and a fantastic swimmer? Well, this could be a fantastic combination. Would it be swimming while playing the guitar? Or how about twanging the guitar while swimming? This is funny really.

There is a lot of fun in the swimming pool. Spending summertime heat in the pool will be a great time with family and friends. Your incredible poolside spaces bring entertainment. What are more inviting are your uniquely-designed pool and its spectacular cleanliness. Make your guitar-shaped pool more melodious by making it more glimmering using an automatic pool cleaner. Check our website at http://poolparrot.com/best-automatic-pool-cleaner-guide/. The best pool cleaner will create fantastic swimming experiences in your best-designed swimming pool.

Are you into music? You can best design your backyard swimming pool according to your interests, hobbies, and preferences. You would love diving into it knowing that it hits what you really need.

Having a guitar pool is surrealistic. It’s not only an attraction at home but also the best watery space for relaxation. Oh well, you can actually play the guitar as you relax in your attractive poolside. It’s a fantastic realization of what makes you happy.

Guitar swimming pools are now a trend in different places around the world. As many people are into music, their outdoor life and recreation are also influenced by their music fancies. Did you know that first guitar-inspired watery oasis was installed at the home of bodacious music singer Webb Pierce at the Oakville, Tennessee? Built in the 1960’s, the guitar-shaped swimming pool was a great attraction. In fact, Webb Pierce offered his guitar pool as a tourist attraction which really amazed over 30,000 tourists on a weekly basis. This is amazing!  Pierce Webb really found inspiration of his guitar shaped swimming pool and he made another guitar pool in 1978 in Nashville.


Are you inspired? Now, you can visualize your swimming pool and give the best design for your spectacular dream pool. You would like to dip in a pool that is best designed. Your guitar-shaped swimming pool is really an incredible feature in your backyard. It’s a perfect place at home. It creates the amazing splash!

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Meet the Perfect Tool to Make Demolitions Easy and Fun

Demolition works are exhausting and are such a very big task.  Literally, tearing down an abode is no ordinary chore. One has to exert a lot of efforts and strength to finish the work promptly. However, when the operator is aided by the great cutting expert, then the demolition job becomes a piece of cake. Hence, one should take notice of the reciprocating saws as the handiest hardworking tools for heavy duty tasks.

The reciprocating saw is the most trusted power tool for demolition and remodeling. Being a power cutter, this tool successfully gained the confidence of professional carpenters and wood experts as it cuts through many types of materials easily and efficiently. The versatility of this power tool is really exceptional for it will also take the cutting expertise of its operators to a higher level.

What is a reciprocating saw?

A reciprocating saw, commonly known as the saber saw or the Sawzall is the power tool trusted for making various home projects. It’s highly considered as the go tool that performs heavy duty cutting tasks through different kinds of materials. The pull-and-push motion of its saw blade makes difficult cutting tasks a lot easier and more fun.

Construction sites find best in having the reciprocating saw as part of the collection of tools. It’s noted for its efficiency and reliability. Demolition jobs have been easy and fun because of this power saw. Having it will not make you regret your best investment. To enjoy using it, one must be a master operator. I mean it is a prerequisite to learning first what safety precautions to observe, how the cutting equipment is going to work and how to keep it in good shape.

Observe Safety Tips

For your protection, just like in using other power tools, always wear the protection gear especially the safety glasses. Never take the cut without putting it on first. Then, if you expect the desired cuts through different materials such as on lumber, metal, aluminum, and PVC, always take the essentials of using the perfect saw blade right for the job.  Equip the saw with the most appropriate blade to make the most of it.

This cutting device needs to be treated with due respect for its intended purpose. One can expect the finest and professional cuts if the reciprocating tool is used most appropriately.

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Let’s Tune in for the Best Food Preservation

What’s in the partial cooking, in the vacuum sealing, and the chilling?  This is what the best vacuum sealer for sous vide means. Let’s get in touch to the most effective way of food preservation. Tune in and find out why the vacuum packaging is such an impressive way of food storage and preservation.

vacuum sealers

More often times, we get stuck with excess foods and raw food items.  Worry no more. Vacuum packing will make it easy for you allowing you to buy and cook in bulk. It’s just totally fine.  The food vacuum sealer will completely seal off your product, leaving it airless and so tight. This will make bacteria to back off. Vacuum packaged products are kept fresh and safe.  It amazingly increases your products shelf life.

External elements such as bacteria, molds, and microorganisms are prevented from going into your food. Moreover, the amazing technology of vacuum sealing foods and products will keep the freshness of products. You will not regret of the machine’s presence in your kitchen. You can have it there forever with you helping you out on how to extend the life of your food.

The vacuum sealed products are made so clear and visible. The airtight bag forms its contour showing to us that there is indeed no air in it.  The air has been taken out, making the product worthy to stay in your freezer.

Since your food is preserved perfectly, it prevents you from buying food items every day.  This is the best way to stretch out your budget. Your best choices of staples will be preserved tremendously. This is a simple food preservation that complements to the perfect accommodation of your freezer. Even though when you are just preserving a leftover food, the machine still makes you save a lot of money. By the time you want to consume the vacuum sealed leftover, just reheat the food without removing the bag.  Just drop the bag in boiling water and enjoy once again the wholesome and flavourful food you once had.

using the vacuum sealer

Vacuum packing caters a variety of food products. It’s not only limited to a chosen staple.  The vacuum sealing and the freezing really work to prolong the life of your food items. It strengthens the food’s capacity to stay longer. Thus,  enhancing food preparation and making the homemade meals safer and healthier.

 What are you waiting for? Make your purchase of the most reliable and versatile food vacuum sealer. It is a perfect addition to your arsenal of kitchen appliances.

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A Perfect Match of Your Rifle for a Good Hunt

Hunting becomes impressively popular over the years. A lot of people studied the craft and acquired their hunting licenses to ensure a legal good hunt. What does it take to have a good hunt? Check our top AR-15 scopes for this could be the answers to your queries.


As you head towards the woods, one of your goals in mind is to make that covetous good hunt. Whether you go for deer hunting, buck, and elk hunting, one thing is for sure , you are at most certain where to hit them.  This is why optics industry devises ways to support you with your shooting passion. Ultimately, using an optic with your rifle will enhance your precision. Your shot should aim at the vital parts for a clean shot.

What is the perfect match for your AR-15 rifle? Well, there’s no need to beat around the bush for the answer is obvious. It’s the most efficient AR-15 scope that is within your price range and best suited to your shooting preferences. Don’t just pick up any kind of scopes because optics have different features and magnification capabilities.

With higher magnification scopes, you can see things farther away with impressive clarity. It’s definitely helpful in observing your spotted target. It gives you time to observe its moves as you look for the perfect shooting angle.  On the other hand, lower magnification scopes enable you to have a wider field of view with which you can easily spot your game.

The weight of the scope really matters as you will be hiking for longer hours or days while patiently carrying your rifle.  It’s an agony to your back and shoulders.  That is why the weight of the scope is an important parameter to be considered other than the price range.

To maximize the accuracy of your scope you have to pay attention to its features and requirements. In choosing the scope, one piece tube is highly preferred for it is known as most precise and is durable. The scope’s eye relief should be in the 2-4 inch range. The critical eye relief depends on the optics. The image of your target will perfectly fill the ocular lens with your eyes at the desired distance from the scope.


To make a good hunt, match your rifle with the most fitting scope. It’s an investment worthy of notice and appreciation. You will not regret making one.

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The Bow as Your Best Buddy

recurve bows

Engaging in archery as a competitive sport and recreation is exciting and fun. The sport maximizes your potentials and make the best archer in you. If in music your guitar will spell out your passion for singing, likewise in archery, your bow expounds your amazing shooting skills. To get you started, choosing your best bow is your first priority. To get you started, check our website @ http://bowjudge.com/best-recurve-bow-reviews-guide/ for impressive bow reviews and guides. You can do a lot better with an appropriate bow. Consider this as a good starting point for beginners.

Your bow has to be consistent with your archery goals. It should serve best your purpose or else you will end up hanging your bow on the wall and let visitors wonder why it is there.

recurve bow

Whether you take archery as a hobby or as a competitive sport, your bow has to make a difference in your performance. Do you aim at speed and accuracy? Then, choose the bow that helps you attain it.

Finding the best bow for a beginner is a lot easier provided you definitely know what you are looking for. Select the bow that best fits for a novice and you will not regret your choice. It will help you to get going especially if the targets get tough.

Recurve Bow for a Straight Affordable Shot


You see these bows in the Olympics and other shooting competitions.  Archers and hunters in the eight century BC have used these bows. Recurve bows are also known as the traditional bows. Determine your archery category and see if the recurve bow can serve you best. If you plan to go bowhunting and field archery, then the recurve bow can be set as one of your choices. Recurve bows have simple mechanics than the compound bows. That is why they are cheaper than the latter.

However, at times we flop when the price of the bow is a burden in our pocket. This would give you a headache. But, you should not settle for less. Get the best of whatever budget you have. Recurve bow can save you. For sure, you will not regret your choice.

Choose the excellent bow yet with a reasonable price.  It should be reliable, durable and precise. Go for the money and efficiency. The recurve bow could be your best buddy. It will give value to your money’s worth.

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How To Tune Your Guitar

I’m back again with a new blog post. This time I’m taking a topic that I’ve been highly requested multiple times: tuning your guitar. Some think that it is a very hard skill to learn, but it is actually one of the easiest things as soon as you have a basic understanding of rhythms.

Don’t give up

Seriously, don’t give up. Tuning a guitar may at first seem like one of the hardest tasks you’ve ever comitted to. BUT TRUST ME, it will become so much easier, and you’ll be forever grateful for pushing you to keep on going at it. Below this, I have attached a video of one of my friends. He certainly is a great tuner, so go ahead and watch & learn from him.

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