How To Tune Your Guitar

Written on June 3, 2016   By   in Tuning guitar

I’m back again with a new blog post. This time I’m taking a topic that I’ve been highly requested multiple times: tuning your guitar. Some think that it is a very hard skill to learn, but it is actually one of the easiest things as soon as you have a basic understanding of rhythms.

Don’t give up

Seriously, don’t give up. Tuning a guitar may at first seem like one of the hardest tasks you’ve ever comitted to. BUT TRUST ME, it will become so much easier, and you’ll be forever grateful for pushing you to keep on going at it. Below this, I have attached a video of one of my friends. He certainly is a great tuner, so go ahead and watch & learn from him.


Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play Guitar

Written on May 10, 2017   By   in Tips & Ideas

Learning to play a musical instrument can be intimidating at first. Yes, learning one can take time. But being able to play can make the most of your life interesting.
Learning one can be difficult especially for beginners, but that’s just normal! You’ll get used to it after lots of practice and time. Have you played guitar before? If not, then you should start now. We’ll show you why! Let’s proceed and go ahead!

Can be Easily Played

Kirk Hammett

Yes. Pretty Basic What This Guy Does. I Wish!

Have you watched a live band before? Notice how the guitarist shred and make flashy moves on his guitar?
Well, playing guitar isn’t just about speed! A guitar can be played by only using basic chords. Although it might take you some time to get used to the chords and the positioning of the fingers, that’s fine, you’re still progressing!

A Great SeducerĀ 

Do you find guitarists attractive? Well, that’s the musical power of guitar! Playing guitar attracts people easily. What more if you can sing while playing guitar? That’s a perfect crowd killer unless you have a bad voice! This is maybe the reason why you’re planning to learn to play guitar now!
You can be the leader of the sugar free buttered popcorn jelly belly band and still score some girls if you have the guitar shredding ability!

Gain New FriendsĀ 

You’re more likely to have friends who have the same passion as you. If you meet new people that play guitar just as you, you’ll feel more connected and open to them. Because you have the same interests, communicating and sharing thoughts and ideas with them will be easier and entertaining.

Helps You Relax

You might find it frustrating especially when it is your first time playing the guitar. But once you played a chord correctly and continuously, you’ll find it relaxing!
Don’t give up and continue learning. Make sure to practice harder once you understand the basics! The guitar has a very soothing sound especially when played smoothly.
Do you have any other reason why you should play guitar? In case I missed one, don’t hesitate to share it with us! Don’t be intimidated by other guitar players or the guitar itself. Start now to find out how can a guitar can change your life positively!